Political Quiz plus Capitalism/Socialism Candy Bowl Experiment

At William Carey University there was a shockingly high turnout of students who participated in our “one-minute political quiz.” We actually would have run out of quizzes had our YAL State Chair, Tavish Kelly, not been there to supply us with extras.  When students and faculty took the quiz, we would reward them with a choice between candy from the capitalism bowl or from the socialism bowl.
candy bowls and political quizzes do mix well...
In the “capitalism bowl” was sweetheart chews and 8 different types of chocolate, while in the “socialism bowl” was only sweetheart chews.  Many got a kick out of our candy bowls and political quizzes and were surprised by their results on the political chart. 
Many students’ eyes were opened to new ways of viewing certain political issues, such as “should the government issue marriage licenses at all?” These types of questions started a few healthy and fun conversations.  Setting up in front of the cafeteria created a very high-traffic area which resulted in several students coming to our table. Overall the event was a huge success. We look forward to having more events on our campus and spreading awareness to our fellow students.
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