Politically Radical and Culturally Mainstream

There is plenty to admire about the anti-war, anti-state, leftist movement of the 1960’s. But it failed to resonate with average Americans because of its hatred of Christianity and traditional values. Today, most of the left has eschewed the positive aspects of their movement while embracing the libertinism full-swing. Indeed, hardcore personal lifestyles aside, their worship of the pro-war, pro-prohibition Obama reveals them bereft of their predecessors’ principled radicalism on issues that matter.

We libertarians need to be sure not to make the same mistake. Yes, liberty for all includes the pot-smoker and crystal-worshipper. But promoting such lifestyles is no substitute for, and indeed, a roadblock to, the advancement of a political agenda.

We ought to follow the example of Ron Paul, striving to be politically radical while culturally mainstream, or at least tolerant and mindful of that mainstream. Ours is a movement for absolute liberty, not a lifestyle of libertinism.

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