Politics Week Tabling at Newberry College

It has become a tradition at Newberry College to hold a Politics Week every semester, consisting of 3-4 days of politically-themed events geared toward getting students civically involved. Tonight, our school hosted the chairs of the county Republican and Democratic parties, and YAL hosted a table outside the event. About half our membership participated at the table, and while we received two sign-ups, students, professors, and even one of the guest speakers asked about our chapter and took literature. Our pocket Constitutions are definitely a favorite.

My suggestions for next time would be to designate only a couple of members to help with the table, because while a whole group would display our large membership base, too many people present leaves some members standing idle. In any event, we were glad to see many of our loyal members out to help build our chapter.

Our next event will be a Constitution table outside the cafeteria around lunchtime Friday, in honor of Constitution Day Sunday. We’ll distribute pocket Constitutions and continue to spread the word about YAL.

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