PolitiFact Covers Clayton State YAL

…and also did some investigation into the math at www.usdebtclock.org:

Congress just doesn’t get it.

That’s the message from Young Americans for Liberty, a group of college students that is very worried about the growing federal debt, $14 trillion and counting.

Clayton State University has a chapter that is trying to raise awareness about the issue. Its main target is U.S. Rep. David Scott, an Atlanta Democrat whose district includes the Clayton State campus, located in Morrow.

Members of the group planned to place a sign on campus Monday announcing the size of the debt. The group offered some interesting statistics in a news release.

“Every taxpayer owes about $130,000 to pay off the national debt.”

Scary thought unless you’re the lucky son of a gun who won Friday’s $319 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

So is this debt estimate true?

Young Americans for Liberty said it got its numbers from a website called www.usdebtclock.org. The website has a page with numbers on federal government data that change by the second. It estimated the debt at close to $14.3 trillion and had the debt per taxpayer at $128,371. It says there are 111,087,453 U.S. taxpayers with taxable income. The people who maintain the website apparently divided the debt total by that 111 million figure to come up with that $128,371 total. We tried to ask them how specifically they came up with that total.

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