Population Control: China’s Solution to Global Warming

In the following link, China reveals what no doubt all other government bodies are thinking about this global warming issue. What an incredible opportunity. After all, as Rahm Emmanuel said so revealingly, “Never waste a good crisis.” What’s the inevitable conclusion to all this fear mongering? The government must step into the fictitious shoes of superman and “save the world.” 

We have already seen the government intervene within the economy to make things “greener,” such as subsidizing ethanol, passing excessive regulations on automobiles, setting federal speed limits with the EPA (further limiting state powers,) and many other disgraceful attempts to control “dangerous human behavior.”

However, it’s not enough that they control our behavior, now it’s important they decide who has the right to live, and who doesn’t. The argument is that because human beings do more damage to the environment than any other living creature, it is then the job of federal and international governments to set population controls to ensure that this damage is minimized (because obviously the POOR POLAR BEARS are more important than disgusting wasteful people).

This just grants the politicians even more power than ever before and cements the government’s control over the people. The sad thing is, they’ll probably be heralded as heroes in their brave new world populated with polar bears. 

 The only animal that actively hunts human beings.

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