Post-meeting games

We all know the purpose of a YAL meeting is to discuss and learn from speakers, documentaries, the news, and each other. A lot of the time people who aren’t interested in worldly news or politics have a hard time finding a reason to come to that first meeting where the focus of the discussion is going to be worldly and political.

As YALers, it’s typical for us to hold awesome events and have fun when we are outside of regular meetings. This being the case, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who has thought of bringing some of that fun to the meetings. For regular members, the discussions are the fun, but sometimes including a game of Cards Against Humanity or a game of Ultimate Frisbee at the end of the meeting can encourage our friends to make it out and participate.

These types of games aren’t the highlight of the meetings, but they are the icing on the cake that will help make less politically inclined members get more comfortable around you and help them understand what YAL is about.

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