Pot or Not

The great state of Ohio faces two conflicting ballot initiatives this year. Issue three, if passed, will legalize the recreational use of cannabis, but there will only be ten companies that can legally manufacture and sell the product. Issue Two, if passed, will amend the state constitution so that the state government cannot give a monopoly to any industry, but also explicitly state that any schedule one drug cannot be legalized through the initiative process. As anyone could guess the battle between the Issue 2 and Issue 3 crowds has been exceedingly intense, especially for people in our age group, as both camps focus their efforts on college age voters.

The Squad

Since the battle has been raging for so long and there are still questions regarding the legality of both propositions the Pre-Law Society of Capital University put together a forum featuring representatives from seven different organizations all of which have played a part in advancing either Issue. The range of organizations represented was noteworthy. Not only were there people from the ACLU and the Ohio Bar Association there was also a representative from the Ohio Green Party and even a member of Parents Against Pot.  After each group was allowed to present their case to the crowd the panel was opened to a Q&A secession.  Little did they know we were strapped to the teeth with hardball questions we had schemed up at our last chapter meeting. 

Parent's against Pot

YAL members made up approximately a sixth of those in attendance. Our numerical scope made it easier for our volley of questions to make it through the crowded field of potential inquiries. The topics ranged from the legality of the amendments to the impact both would have on the criminal justice system and incarceration rates all the way to what impacts legalized weed would have on the economy. The wide variety put forth by the group got some incredible information out of the panelists and enriched the experience for all involved.

After the event our chapter was fortunate enough to land some air time on the campus radio station.  During our time on air we broke down who we are as a group and blasted some great commercials about upcoming events we are hosting (more to come on that soon). The experience put us on great terms with the radio crew and we were invited back for another show at a later date. Utilizing the groups at Capital has been by far one of our most successful endeavors. Intersectionality with liberty is much more prevalent than most would assume. 

YAL on the Air

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