Potential New Sec. of Energy

As we continue to glance over the positions of the Cabinets we’ve come to realize we have seen a lot of “former-Clinton” appointees being thrown around. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1208/16459.html

As Politico discussed on it’s website Steven Chu will be our new head of Energy. He is a man of physics which should prove to be something interesting. Thankful for the American people he didn’t pick America’s favorite serial super hero. Albert Gore. It doesn’t appear to be any real green extreme as people may have thought the Democrats would have rammed through the Senate considering they don’t have that bulletproof number of 60 to just shut everything down and become a rubber stamp for their Savior.

So for all those people like us who pursue freedom we should try to find ourselves something about him seeing I’m not sure where or what thinks of global warming or anything concerning the environment.

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