Praxeology Made Simple

Praxeology, the study of human action, is a field of science that is unique to the school of Austrian Economics. For many people, simply hearing the word “praxeology” will instantly turn them off and incur their unending ignorance; for supporters of liberty wishing to learn more, treatises dealing with praxeology, such as Ludwig von Mises’ Human Action, tend to be bulky, difficult to read, or simply require far too much time to study the fundamentals of the topic.

Enter praxgirl (Yes, her production company is A Priori Productions). Now you can access easy-to-watch videos on the fundamentals and basics of praxeology, all taught not by your typical 40 minute-lecturing Austrian professor (who would most likely wear a bow-tie) but by young woman of 26 years who goes by the pseudeonym “praxgirl.” 

Praxgirl’s channel’s stated goal:

This channel aims to introduce people to the principles of the newest of all sciences, Praxeology. 

Take a look at the introductory video below. Click here to visit the channel.

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