Pre-War Afghanistan

Pre-war with the Soviet Union, that is.  As you noted, Jeremy, invasions of Afghanistan don’t turn out well for the Afghan people, and 40 years ago it was no different.  Here are remarkable photos of 1960s Afghanistan — photos which depict a country which doesn’t look so different from the way ours did at the time.  Check out some of the images below, and click here for more pictures and background on the way Afghanistan used to be.

University students — male and female alike — study biology in Kabul.

Medical care was more widely available in the 1950s and 1960s than it is today — even after all the U.S.’s nation-building efforts.

Mothers and children play in a city park.  Now, these parks are only inhabited by men because they are considered too dangerous for children.

Women purchase records wearing western-style clothing.  Culture in 1950s Afghanistan was for more cosmopolitan and westernized than it is today.

Click here for additional pictures and a fascinating essay explaining their origin.

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