Prep for Fall ’14 at LDS Business College!!

The Team

YAL Salt Lake’s “Prep for Fall ’14” promotion was a huge success!! We had a ton of support from the student body, and many came to our table to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz or play Candy Pong. After six hours of tabling we had 46 students sign up to join our chapter!! It seems to us that many of these students will turn into strong members of YAL.


As suspected, the major ideology of our campus, located in the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah, is conservatism. This, however, helps us to connect with students who generally believe that the government should play less of a role in economic affairs. We’re excited to introduce students on our campus to Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and other intellectual economists. Our students will gain the tools and skills needed to articulate, defend and promote free market principles on campus and in their careers. Since there is such a strong tendency on our campus to support these ideals, we will likely focus on economic and fiscal issues going forward.

At the table

We had some good discussions about national ID cards and the draft. One student from Portugal showed us his national ID card. He said that he thinks that national ID cards are a good idea because they reduce crime. He also mentioned that since he grew up with them he doesn’t see them as a problem.

Sign up!!

A discussion concerning the morality of conscription was also heard around the table. With conservatism’s strong influence on our campus, many students favor a strong national military and a powerful military force abroad. Many conservative students are inclined to favor a draft when it is considered necessary. As some claimed, “Many Americans don’t want to fight for their country anymore, so if we need them too, then we have to have a draft.” 

We didn’t have any problems with the administration and hope to foster a strong, open relationship with them. We were lucky to be approved as an officially recognized campus organization in only a few weeks. A friendly security guard came by to take to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. He shared with us that prior to his current position as a security guard for the college, he was involved in fighting the drug war. One could tell that drug use in the United States is an issue that he is very passionate about. In his view, there are valid arguments on both sides of the drug war debate. 

With basically zero setbacks or problems with the event, and only positive outcomes we’re looking forward to the upcoming Fall semester with a lot of excitement and anticipated success. The main purpose of this event was to introduce our campus to Young Americans for Liberty. We had a very warm welcoming and feel that we will be able to provide students with education, training and opportunities for a very long time.

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