Prepare for the Return of the Masters: Constitution Week @ Indiana University

Free Speech Wall Themes


Monday: What issue is most important to you?

Tuesday: What do you think about the 2012 elections?

Wednesday: What do you think about student debt? & What do you think about tuition hikes?

Thursday: Nature censored our wall with rain so we canceled the wall that day.

Friday: What do you think about U.S. foreign policy? 


To say that Constitution Week at IU was a success would be a gross understatement. Not only did we design, construct, and erect a Free Speech Wall for FOUR days during Constitution Week, we also made the front page of our school newspaper, hosted The FIRE’s  Associate Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, Azhar Majeed, and made great headway on revising Indiana University’s constitutionally questionable speech codes. But enough with the words; watch the video below!

Well before Constitution Week was underway, members of Indiana University’s chapter of YAL were busy scheming on how we would construct our Free Speech Wall, or Chalkboard to be precise.  We were able to collectively come up with a design that was collapsible enough to break down and transport in an elevator, light enough for puny college students to carry, but sturdy enough to withstand a forceful gust of wind. Ok, maybe not but you know what I mean. Essentially, we ingeniously turned this stuff….

Construction Party

into this baby!

finished wall

But before we could even erect our swanky new Free Speech Wall, we were met with opposition. A school code prohibits any organization from holding an event on campus for more than 2 times in one week.  However, after meeting with the Dean of Student Life and Learning, our student government’s head of Student Rights, and with Azhard Majeed from FIRE, we were able to secure space on campus for the rest of the week. We also presented our case to the student body president about revising the 8 speech codes that limit students’ 1st Amendment rights. He told us that he is completely on board and will be working to secure free speech on campus for all students.

Later that night at our weekly Monday meeting, Azhar gave an insightful presentation on how the university policies have a chilling effect on speech on campus. Azhar was a tremendous help at both the meetings that day and we owe him a big thank you!


All in all, students had a blast expressing themselves on all sorts of issues that affect them. Stay tuned for updates on our university’s speech codes and be sure to check out all the pictures from the entire week!





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