President Obama Declares War on Youth, Lampooned at Angel’s Stadium

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) at UC Irvine held a respectful, yet firm protest against President Obama at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA. In demonstrating the failed policies set forth by the President’s administration, YAL  in homage to the manners and tactics laid out by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, ridicule, irony, and sarcasm played a key role for effective activism.

Obama Graduatiion Commencement Speech UCI
Angel's Stadium
The iconic giant “A” of Angel’s Stadium
In an effort to bring action to the rising rate of student debt upon graduation, skyrocketing tuition, unemployment lingering, the continuation of a failed foreign policy, drone strikes on Americans, the rising national debt, the abuse on civil liberties and the Constitution like the NSA, among many other policies, YAL passed out mock-programming schedules — highlighting the many blunders of the administration and the newly graduates’ bleak future.
Obama Flyer Front
Flyer, Outside Content
Obama Flyer Back
Flyer, Inside Content

More than 45,000 attendees were present at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim — where thousands of schedules, lampooning the President were distributed with special thanks to the Leadership Institute and from the generous support from donors like you.

Flyering 1

Graduates are cursed with a bleak future. And to add insult to injury, they are about to witness a President to remind them of who created and continued this mess by spending our future away while neglecting to protect our liberties in the process. It has essentially been a war on the youth.

Grad Student YAL

At the current statistic, about only 47% of graduates are able to find a job within their preferred field with over $1.2 trillion in student debt. Debt payments are merely extended and collected with interest at longer periods, despite the President’s Executive Order to cap payments at about 10% of income.


Graduates eager to receive a free programming schedule

Students/Guests 1

Students/Guests 2

Reactions to the protest were generally well received as UCI YAL passed through security that other protesters couldn’t access, even passing through the hired extra help from the TSA!


At many times, many attendees were eager to see the President speak and were excited to receive our mock schedule or take a picture of our giant President Obama Fathead — only to later be offended by the content of the programs. A few guests even crumpled up some of our programs only to throw them at our face!

Obama Fathead

 Some guests eager to receive our mock-flyers and excited to take a picture with us.

Students/Guests 4 Only later to be offended by our actions, like this faculty member.

Students/Guests 3Some guests actually enjoyed the content of what we had in our programs, however!

Buddhist Monks YAL 1


Tibetan Buddhist Monks even enjoyed our flyers, liking YAL’s message of peace and prosperity!

Buddhist Monks YAL 2
Police Enjoys YALPolice were very open to our protest, some even gladly getting our flyers and laughed out loud when they read the piece!

Moreover, YAL even made waves — even gathering support from the Orange County Republican Party, one of the most influential parties in the nation!

KTLA Channel 5’s Kimberly Cheng even gave us a shout-out and coverage for interview. Sadly however, we did not make the cut. We did, however get coverage from, OC Weekly, among many others and so on. 

KTLA Channel 5 - Kimberly Cheng, War on YOUth

War on YOUth

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