Presidential Jeopardy

On April 5th, the Western State University College of Law Chapter hosted “Presidential Jeopardy.”

We had three professors compete to determine who had been following the candidates’ policy positions the closest.  One professor asked not to be on Youtube so we have censored that person from the video (which also accounts for occassional skips in the video when that person speaks for over 5 seconds).

The event went very well.  We had a turnout of over 50 students (our school only has about 500 students) and a lot of students spoke to us about YAL after the event.  Watch and enjoy!

Interested in doing a similar event?  We obtained the jeopardy set at an amazon online auction for $16 (the local teacher store charged about $100 for a similar set).  We also used a projector to display this free jeopardy program.

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