PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Ron Paul endorses Young Americans for Liberty

The following press release was sent to Business Wire, Tuesday, Dec. 2 @ 5:00pm ET.

December 2, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul endorses Young Americans for Liberty

ARLINGTON, VA – Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul announced today his endorsement of a new youth organization, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

YAL is a youth-based activist organization that will continue the work of its predecessor, Students for Ron Paul. During the presidential campaign, Students for Ron Paul established over 500 college and high school chapters across all 50 states and recruited more than 26,000 students.

Paul recalled the thousands of young people attracted to the college rallies during his 2008 presidential campaign, saying, “It is these young men and women who will become tomorrow’s champions of liberty. That’s why I am giving my enthusiastic endorsement to Young Americans for Liberty.”

YAL intends to launch this youth campaign next semester and re-energize the youth movement inspired by Paul. Paul compared YAL to the youth organization Young Americans for Freedom which started around another anti-establishment presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, and helped fuel the rise of Ronald Reagan.

“The importance of YAL to the future of liberty cannot be overstated,” said Paul.

For the full text of Ron Paul’s letter of endorsement, visit the YAL website at:

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