Preventative War is an Oxymoron

The Midwest Peace Summit in Lawrence, KS was a wonderful success! It goes to show what happens when people can work together and bridge important connections with unlikely friends. 

Held in a campus ministry/community building, the University of Kansas Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty helped capture the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. We started preparing our key tabling strategy by offering something that no one else had thought of. A poster of where our taxes go, and bumper stickers that read, “I’m already against the next war.” and “End these wars.” Everything worked out smoothly and got nearly a dozen people or so to sign up! Not only was it an opportunity to use YAL’s tabling materials, it was our largest event thus far, tripling the size of our last largest event. We had 60+ people in attendance!

With the Peace Warriors as a new student group on campus, it was fantastic to see such a successful first time event. As a founding member myself, we have huge plans for an even larger event before the semester is over! 
We even had student groups representing a variety of different walks of life that enjoy the ideas of peace, diplomacy and non-intervention including:
  • Young Americans for Liberty
  • Occupy KU
  • Students for a Free Tibet
  • Libertarian Party of Kansas
  • Solidarity and Action
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War
All of these groups came together under one banner to solve our nation’s seemingly endless wars. For years we have watched as the left combines so well to produce coalitions, but now we too must build allies for personal liberty and for peace. We have been aty war for too long — our troops have now been deployed for longer than at any other time in our nation’s history.
Angered by a lack of an anti-war effort on KU’s campus, we launched a coalition ourselves. I felt that it was my duty not only as an American, but as a human being to express my discontent with Washington’s policies. I mean, after all, we know and understand how the founding fathers felt about foreign militarism
An ideological revolution is on our doorstep, peace is the only option for a healthy and prosperous economy. In order to understand this, the federal government must give up this notion that an interventionist foreign policy – foreign adventurism – is best for our national security, our freedom, and our economic interests.

This is just the beginning of a powerful coalition. 

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