Principle vs. Convenience

All around the country, one issue has seen more progress and come more into the spotlight than almost any other current issue. Many pro-liberty individuals, including a surge of millennials, are now standing with gay members of their community on same-sex marriage.

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The controversial issue of same-sex marriage is rocking the boat in many states, states that are known to be progressive and states known to be reluctantly conservative. Federal judges have been ‘legislating’ from the bench and many people are up in arms. One word everyone is crying, however, is the word liberty — how ironic that is.

Recently, I have received the spotlight in the state of Utah, which is well-known for its conservative principles and strong Christian influence. I have spoken out for the rights of individuals to be able to enter a same-sex marriage. I believe the government should not be regulating a religious institution, but if they are going to be involved, they must treat all citizens the same. Most same-sex marriage advocates must perform some controversial statement in order to receive such a spotlight. For me, all I had to do was speak out in the state of Utah, and that was controversial enough.


As I talk with people about my views on same-sex marriage, it always comes back to the principle of liberty. We must learn to stand on principle and be committed to winning, despite any retribution that may come. The principle of liberty is in essence to be able to live without infringing on others’ personal liberties. All I want is people to be able to live according to their own conscience. To stand up against many of my peers, to stand up against the majority of Utah and to stand up with my LGBTQ community should not be a major issue. However for some people, liberty is just too big of a pill to swallow.

In so many different aspects in our lives we see increasingly intrusive state and federal governments. The case for same-sex marriage, the case for liberty, is one that we can apply to many parts of our lives. We need to choose the battles we are willing to fight. We can win on the principle of liberty if we are willing to take one step at a time. For me, the marriage debate is one of my battles.

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