Principled Stripping Over Invasive Scanners

A San Diego man recently decided that he’d rather strip down to his boxers than be submitted to the TSA’s invasive body scanners.  He didn’t refuse the pat-down, but the TSA agents wouldn’t do it without his clothes on.  So, they’re willing to take naked pictures of you, and molest you, but not do both at the same time.  They decided to arrest him because he had the gall to try and film the incident with his phone.  Documenting procedures enforced by a public agency?  Absurd.

In a scary way, this shows just how ridiculous the TSA security procedures have become.  When citizens are willing to disrobe themselves in public just to try and prove that they’re not a terrorist without being subjected to invasions of their privacy, we know that this “balance” between security and privacy we keep hearing about is far from achieved.  

Of course, the problem of terrorism on our airlines would be virtually eradicated if we had a constitutional foreign policy, but in the mean time, resisting the TSA is an important way to express public disapproval of the government treating us like cattle.  Opt-Out when you fly, and if you’re not flying, speak out anyway.

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