Privacy Rights a Big Hit at Kent State

On Friday the 23rd, Kent State YAL hit the Risman Plaza in full NSA agent regalia. We approached students and asked if we could search their bags or phones. Surprisingly, many said yes!

I was so surprised how trusting some students were, and, by far, the most uttered phrase was “Well, I have nothing too hide.” We informed many students that we were entitled to privacy protection under the 4th Amendment, and that the USA Freedom Act (Patriot Act under a different name) violated that right by bypassing their consent or the need for a warrant. Many were surprised that secret courts could issue general warrants to have their Facebook messages, Snapchats, and texts viewed without an indictment or charges.

Due to our Free Speech Week events, we had counter-protesters creating “safe spaces” for students on the plaza. When the counter-protesters approached us, we explained the Restore the 4th events goals, and they agreed with us! We also passed out 100 pocket constitutions and had a ton of fun.

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