Procedure 3.8.1 and the Fight for Free Speech

Tensions are running high this week as students and staff at the University of West Georgia brace for debate over a new set of guidelines that are seen restrictive of free speech on campus. The new guidelines known as Procedure 3.8.1 come up for approval on September 11th yet many fear the consequences of the new law.

Students with the West Georgia Chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty are leading the fight to stop Procedure 3.8.1 and expand free speech rights here at the university. Leading a coalition of several organizations from across the campus including organizations such as the African Student Association, Young Americans for Liberty has taken several steps to stop the enactment of Procedure 3.8.1.

First of all, on August 19 YAL, sent a trigger letter to campus administration outlining grievances against the new rule.

From here, on Wednesday August 24, YAL held an event known as the Free Speech Ball in which students wrote their opinions on a giant beach ball in front of Starbucks. This was meant to attract attention to this cause and raise awareness about Procedure 3.8.1. On the same day, YAL sent petitions across the campus receiving approximately 600 signatures against Procedure 3.8.1. 
On top of this Young Americans for Liberty has worked to create a coalition of professors and staff who oppose the Procedure and who will continue to work with us to ensure that free speech is protected across campus.

The fight continues this week as YAL is slated to hold a free speech sit in on Wednesday August 31. The hope is to collect more signatures for the petitions as well as garner attention across campus, raising awareness for the fight against Procedure 3.8.1. On September 6th YAL will lead the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) in a forum to discuss the adoption of Procedure 3.8.1 in preparation of September 15 which is the last day for comment.

Support this movement online with #FreeSpeech911.

Here is the transcript of Procedure 3.8.1.

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