Product of Prohibition: “FAKE” Marijuana

K2 Fake Marijuana

According to the Vacaville Reporter, a regional paper for the California Bay Area, the local air force base (Travis AFB for all of my fellow Air Force brats), has decided to ban all marijuana imitation products. The ban has been issued upon discovery that at least one retailer has begun carrying “herbal incense” that can be smoked to create a marijuana-ish effect.

Although marketed as “herbal incense,” the synthetic marijuana products are packed with a number of chemicals and, what’s more, can’t be traced in a standard drug test.

Now businesses such as Empire Novelties, located off Elmira Road in Vacaville, and about a half-dozen other shops which sell these controversial products have been declared off-limits to members of the military.

The article goes on to say that no one really knows what the active ingredient in these things are… and that most of the manufacturers won’t reveal it. Nor will they give a list of all the chemicals or possible carcinogens in the “incense.”

This just shows that if you outlaw one thing, another will take its place, and in a black market, the new product is almost guaranteed to have lower quality or be less healthy…

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