Prof. Marx is Still Teaching at Your University

Karl Max

I once had a conservative professor who told me that Marxism is practically dead in the modern university. After all, the collapse of the Soviet Union proved once and for all the futility of the communist system, disproving decades of Marxist thought once propagated in the universities of our parents and grandparents.

Unfortunately, Marx’s theories are more present today than he would like to think, and certainly more than I would like to study. There is an entire generation of neo-Marxist professors currently teaching at universities across the country, and their doctrines are no less dangerous than their predecessors:

This became shockingly apparent at an academic conference I attended this Saturday, ominously entitled “Capitalism in America: A New History.” …

Having been aware of the University of Georgia’s history department’s affection toward Marx and his social theories, I likely would not have attended were it not for the extra credit offered for doing so. In any case, I only attended Panel III in the afternoon session, not only because this was all that was necessary for extra credit, but because I could not bear a minute more.

While one professor merely seemed to misunderstand the concept of capitalism, the second smeared capitalism as being the source of each and every injustice propagated throughout the history of the United States. As far as I could see, only Prof. George Selgin, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, was willing to defend capitalism or, at the very least, was unwilling to accept the unjustified charges levied against it.

Marxism is not dead in American universities. It is alive and well. If you wish to learn more about exactly how influential Marxism still is in our universities, its impact, or to see Prof. Selgin’s defense of capitalism against his neo-Marxist colleagues, click here for my full account of the conference.

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