#ProfessorFightNight — War On Youth Activism at Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech University’s first ever Young Americans for Liberty event was planned and executed in just a few weeks, after learning that we were finally recognized by the university and could finally become active. 

Overall we got loads of sign ups and had over 70 people show up at our event in the evening! 

On May 15, we had our War on Youth event, where we set up a table by the Student Center to give out literature, promote the organization, and recruit members and hosted a professor debate that night on the War on Youth in regard specifically to rising tuition, student debt, and the opportunity costs associated with going to college.

tabling 1

tabling 2

<--break->” title=”<--break-->” class=”mceItem”><span style=For our tabling event, we were well received by the student body. We were able to recruit some new potential members and give out tons of literature. We had plenty of interesting conversations, which led to many coming to our professor debate that night.

During our professor debate, we discussed the politics associated with rising tuition on the state level, the transference of tuition’s burden upon the students, and the opportunity costs associated with attending a university. Being our first event, we had a huge success with a modest sized crowd (about 70 students and professors). One of the best moments of the debate was the student’s opportunity to have a question and answer session with the professors.

prof 2

prof 1

All in all, for our first tabling and campus events, it is impossible to say that this was anything but a great success!

P. S. Be on the lookout for an update to this as we will add partial video of the debate as soon as it becomes available!

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