Professors give extra credit for attending Deep Web at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay!

The week before Deep Web, UWGB Young Americans for Liberty President Madelyn Winter contacted all computer science and democracy and justice studies professors at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and asked them to mention the movie screening to their students. The day of the event, half of the attendees were students that had never even signed up. Upon asking around, Madelyn discovered two professors had been so pleased that Deep Web was being shown, they offered their students extra credit for attending and writing a brief essay on the movie.

The event itself was a success with 20+ attendees. Unfortunately, many ran out before a full group picture could be taken at the end – the downside to having so many students attending for class credit.

Everyone who was asked could not stop praising Deep Web. Casi Schatzman, a Young Americans for Liberty member and senior at UWGB, originally planned to multitask and do some homework during the movie. She found she could not stop watching, completely enthralled by the story of Ross Ulbricht and infuriated by his eventual prison sentence.

Thanks to Students for Liberty, pizza, popcorn, and soda were served to all attendees. University of Wisconsin – Green Bay cannot wait for its next YAL and SFL sponsored event!

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