Professors Love Liberty Too!

Spring recruitment is under way at Mount St. Mary’s University! Why have only one event, when YAL is generous enough to give us abundant resources?

Our first tabling event of our spring recruitment drive yielded something more awesome than even a lot of sign-ups: we were put in touch with a professor of law and political science that wants to help promote our group!

While tabling in Patriot Hall, a faculty member approached our chapter president and they discussed the group at length. From current issues to YAL’s founding, they talked about everything.

At the end of the conversation, the faculty member gave us the email address of a professor who is interested in helping advertise for our chapter on campus. This is HUGE because professors have the ability to create email events and send them to the entire school! With that kind of promotion from a professor, our chapter now has the potential to grow exponentially.

We could not be more excited and we want to send a big thank you to YAL for making our table look awesome with all of the free literature and other goodies that were supplied to us. Mount St. Mary’s University is excited to be in the northeast region under such great leadership and we are looking forward to our next event! 

Check out some of our pictures to see what we are up to!

First Meeting

Awesome Table

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