Progress at Moody Bible Institute

Beginning a chapter of YAL at Moody comes with it’s challenges because of how politically-focused the organization is and how politically absent many students at MBI want to be. This culture is part of the reason that I’m really excited to get this YAL chapter integrated into the Moody community.

Our chapter has made significant strides in connecting with fellow students so far, and we’re continuing to make more connections as we go. We’re still in a very early stage, and this has been an interesting time to begin the chapter since it’s around two breaks and a bunch of finals, but once we get this moving I have confidence it will continue for many years at Moody.

I’ve personally had the awesome opportunity to grab coffee with multiple students at Moody that are passionate about liberty and want to get involved with YAL to make their voice heard (that didn’t really feel like they could without reproach at a Bible college) and I believe that our presence on campus has caused the student body to reconsider their view of politics. They’re beginning to see that politics can be an area of civil discourse – which has not always been the case at Moody, a school that is riddled with rarely discussed political tensions that often get swept under the rug. We want to change that and we want to have a real impact on the school by respectfully putting forth liberty-minded ideas.

The future is looking very bright for YAL at Moody Bible Institute.

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