“Progressively” Making Life Better for All of Us

One law at a time, statism strips away the liberty to which we are all naturally entitled, and our “forward thinking” government is at it again:  San Francisco has banned giving away toys with any meal containing more than 600 calories — meals like McDonald’s Happy Meal.  Though the intentions behind this attempt to curb the expansion of children’s waistlines may be good, this is ultimately little more than an expansion of the state into our personal lives.

I’d sugest that if we want to curb childhood obesity, there are definitely better ways to do so — and they focus on parental responsibility, not government intervention.  Bring your child to a park, play on the swings, the slide, and the see-saw.  Teach your kid how to climb a tree.  Invest in a trampoline; sign up for recreational sports in your town.  Teach your kid how to play soccer, baseball, basketball, or whatever sport you loved as a child.  

But don’t think legislation will make us all get in shape. 

I personally hope McDonald’s moves out of San Francisco to show the bureaucrats there what happens when we try to “fix” everyone’s personal problems with laws rather than responsibility and liberty.

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