Prohibition Kills

I’m not talking about drugs this time… I’m talking about kidneys. Currently, it is illegal to sell kidneys for transplant — even to save someone’s life!

John Stossel writes on his blog:

The ban on organ sales kills people every day.  We are born with two kidneys, but need just one to survive.  Millions of kidney patients are now on waiting lists, but there are too few donors.  No wonder desperate patients go to the black market. There’s been one for years.  It’s a dirty little secret in the organ transplant world.

All of the same problems arising from black kidney markets are also found in drug prohibition: exorbitant prices, criminalization of peaceful citizens, and the lack of a transparent market.

But never mind the practical problems associated with black kidney markets — what about the moral problems associated with prohibition? The government is preventing people who need kidneys to get kidneys, and people who need money to get money. Whether or not you donate or sell your kidney is an individual moral problem.

No one is made worse off from a kidney transaction. If someone was, they simply would not agree to the transaction. But statists believe that they can decide what’s best for an individual, rather than the actual individual.

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