Prohibition through Taxation

Even as some pro-liberty activists push for marijuana legalization in California (Richard Lee, the sponsor of the ballot measure, even describes himself as a “Libertarian Republican”) others are trying to use the referendum system to impose draconian taxes on alcohol. A proposed ballot measure would impose:

a 2700% increase in the excise tax for hard liquor (from $0.65 per 750 mL bottle to $17.57), a 5500% increase for beer (from $0.11 per six-pack to $6.08) and a whopping 12775% increase for wine (from $0.04 per 750 mL bottle to $5.11)

We’ll probably see more and more sin taxes like these, on everything from tobacco to soda, as the government takes a bigger and bigger role in health care. Soon the state will be involving itself in everyone’s unhealthy habits “for the greater good.”

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