Promoting liberty and your right to party

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I think it’s safe to say that this statement gets said more often than it is actually taken into consideration. We as Americans pride ourselves on the idea of freedom, when in fact the restrictions on those freedoms are getting tighter every day.

The thing I love about the liberty movement is that people are starting to realize that big government isn’t always the answer and through this realization they are taking action. They are saying enough is enough and the government shouldn’t be treating us like we’re children anymore. People from all over the country want the government to know that we can make our own decisions and no one should tell us what we can and cannot do to our bodies or our lives.

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This semester our chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay started our recruitment drive at our “Campus Org Smorg.” The theme of the org fair this semester was spring break and what better way of celebrating the meaning of freedom than spring break! Not only do most college students love the idea of partying it up for a whole week dedicated to such events, but they love the idea of being free to do so. 

Going along with this idea, our group decided to go with the theme of, “promoting liberty and your right to party.” With a colorful backdrop, candy, beaded necklaces, free flavored condoms, and lots of enthusiasm from group members, we promoted our idea of a true party with pride.

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At one point during the event, a student shared that he thought we were the best booth at the whole fair; not only did we have a great display, but we actually made an effort to interact with people. This is important to acknowledge because in order to have a successful booth that gains potential members, you have to get involved. Too often, I see people sitting at booths expecting people to come to them. This is not the way to get people involved in your organization. Involvement is reaching out to potential members by inviting them to listen to your ideas and participate in your events.

Something we did to make our booth more interactive was the YAL political quiz. This 10 question quiz only takes a few minutes to fill out and at the end you get a nice red sticker to mark your place. This was a huge hit, and by the end of the event we had about 70 people take the quiz and almost 100 sign-ups, which is fantastic! Something that really helped make this happen was actually walking around away from our booth to find people and get them involved in our project.

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Although this booth was a huge success and it got a lot of people on campus talking about our group, we did not have nearly as many people come to our first official meeting. This was partially because our meeting couldn’t be until the following week and also because we didn’t get to build as many genuine connections with people.

So, this is a reminder that it’s not always about the numbers, but about getting people who are actually going to stay and get involved with your organization as well as being well organized to create better opportunities.

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Overall, we want to continue staying involved on our campus. We have five educational booths planned, a possible movie showing/speaker and a national activism project going on this semester. Our group also plans to attend various conferences throughout the semester as well.

Staying active is an important piece to our cause because without talking about issues or showing people a perspective other than the ones they’ve lived with for years, people won’t act or get involved and then nothing will ever change. We must win on principle to fight for freedom and that’s what we stand for.

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