Protecting the Second Amendment at Baldwin Wallace University

Despite the slow start for the Baldwin Wallace chapter, things are looking up for Spring 2018.

At BW, there is actually a vast array of political opinions, especially for a liberal arts school. While the conservatory of music and arts students tend to be more liberal-minded, the business students tend to be (at least) more fiscally conservative.

One specific day stands out to me; in November, I was able to change a few minds, or at least plant a seed in the brain of the people I was speaking with about gun control. I came prepared and had some of the YAL gun control kit in my backpack and whipped out the facts.

While speaking to them, I used some tips that I picked up from YALCON, use phrases like, “I hear where you’re coming from, and I actually used to think that way myself, but then I found that…”. People are willing to listen to you then, because they know you are listening to them. Phrases like these make for better, civil discussion of issues.

Can’t wait to get things started next semester, recruiting new officers, things are looking up!

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