Protest In Nashua

The Nashua, NH tea party protest got the attention of the Nashua Telegraph, which devoted about a quarter of its article to an interview with three members of the local high school’s chapter of YAL:

A few members of Nashua High School South’s chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty were among some of the youngest protesters Wednesday. Philip Belanger, 16, Alex Habibi, 15, and Patrick Shaheen, 16, all of Nashua, said events like the tea party help them spread their group’s message and show that some teens pay attention to politics.

“Not many young people focus on this,” Habibi, the president of the chapter, said. “I want to show people that not all young people are concerned with superficial stuff like ‘American Idol’ and the mall.”

“Taxes have never been constitutional, and we’re glad people are finally starting to realize that,” said Shaheen, who is not related to U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Habibi said that, while teenagers don’t generally face the large tax bills, their elders do. They still pay Social Security and other taxes working after-school jobs. That’s just another version of taxation without representation, he said, one of the reasons for the original Boston Tea Party.

Read the rest of the account here.

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