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Washburn University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter decided to engage the local community Topeka community at the annual Topeka Pride Festival. Members of our chapter believed that participating at an event such as the Toepka Pride will strengthen the message of liberty in the long run.

At the event, we distributed copies of Tom Palmer’s Why Liberty and Peace, Love, & Liberty as an introduction to the ideas of liberty and freedom. Our chapter emphasized that freedom is the best ideology for individuals to thrive without fear from the government and bigotry.

Furthermore, we gave our participants with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to identify with their political leanings on the board.

Our core message was clear and straightforward:

  1.  Government agencies should not collect data on the individual’s sexual preferences
  2. Eliminating state and/or federal regulations specifying homosexuality as a justification for denying or revoking state licenses (for doctors, lawyers, teachers, hairdressers, etc.)
  3. Recognition of the right of a LGBTQ parent to be considered for custody of his or her natural child, and of the child to choose the LGBTQ parent as guardian.
  4. Elimination of laws specifying homosexuality as grounds for denying the right of adoption
  5. Equality of treatment of LGBTQ people in regard to government service, including particularly membership in the armed forces
  6. End the usage of zoning and loitering laws to harass LGBTQ people and LGBTQ-owned businesses

As a liberty-minded group, it is important for us to stand up to government intrusion whether it was in a form of a tax, confiscation of firearms, additional regulation, or violation of civil liberties. I am a proud member of Young Americans for Liberty, because it welcomes individuals who are willing to fight for freedom regardless of their gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Indeed, the ideas of liberty are unable to discriminate against anyone. 

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