PSU-Schuylkill: Fledging Is Difficult

Here at Penn State-Schuylkill in the heart of the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania, it was a cold day to table at the Spring Activities Fair, our first recruitment and informational event. Currently, there are no student political groups on campus and we think YAL can be a catalyst for a more engaged and questioning student body.

Only about ten students attended the Fair. Undaunted, we walked around to the other tables at the Fair and made some great connections with other campus groups interested in liberty and peace; many indicated that they would like to partner with us on future events. Dr. Andel, the faculty adviser, went out to the Mall Walk and distributed Constitutions to student going to class. If the students wouldn’t come to the gym, we’d come to them!

Joe Shevokis, our founding student member, has been actively recruiting new student members since the Fair.  We are scheduling our first meeting before Spring Break to plan our Fall events and recruitment. 

Getting off the ground is difficult, yet we are confident that we will be ready to fly in the Fall!

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