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Gary North writes an excellent article on the contrivances of left vs. right (used with permission):

Obama Has Done to Far Left Democrats What Bush Did to Far Right Republicans: De-railed Their Agenda

Jan. 30, 2010

Obama was allowed to get the nomination in 2008 because the Council on Foreign Relations and related Insider groups saw him as a way to deflect any move by far Left Democrats to gain control over the government.

I have said this from the beginning. Here is what I wrote in November, 2008.

That Obama is in favor of Federal wealth distribution comes as no surprise. But notice how guarded his language is. He speaks like a lawyer. That’s because he is one.

This man is not a revolutionary. He is a radical, but a radical of a special kind. He is a follower of Saul Alinsky. I first studied Alinsky’s methods 25 years ago. He avoided violence. He analyzed the weakness of the opposition and then exploited this in a nonviolent way. He was a disciple of Gandhi’s political methods.

Obama has mimicked Alinsky. He avoids direct confrontations. He avoided every vote in the U.S. Senate that might have created too much controversy.

He will push his agenda, but the key will be Nancy Pelosi. She will be the ramrod. Without her, he could not achieve much. He is no Franklin Roosevelt, another lawyer.

Obama has been vetted by the Powers That Be. The process began at Harvard Law School. This is the major institution for screening the best and the brightest who did not go to an Ivy League school. He passed the test. He was not a threat to the system. He was a team player when he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, the crown jewel in a Harvard Law School degree. He appointed one radical to the Board of Editors and three Federal Society members.

Conservative Republicans do not understand how the game is played. Neither do far Left Democrats.

Assume that you are a card-carrying member of the Pelosi Left. Here is your agenda.

  • Anti-war

  • Steeply graduated income taxes

  • Global warmingAnti-nuclear power

  • Socialized medicine

  • Federal aid to education

  • Gun control

You have been stiffed.

Anti-war. Obama has pulled troops out of Iraq to send to Afghanistan. Then he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. He got Iraq off prime-time news. He says the troops will all be gone by December 31, 2011. This was Bush’s deadline. No change. All 14 military bases remain occupied by U.S. troops. No change. When, in February 2009, the Administration was asked if these troops might be sent to Afghanistan, the Administration refused to comment.

Income taxes. No change in policy. He will let the Bush estate tax law lapse in 2011. It would have lapsed under McCain, too.

Global warming. No replacement of the 1992 Kyoto protocols, which Clinton did not submit to the Senate for ratification. Neither did Bush. Obama waited patiently for the U.N. conference on climate change in Copenhagen. Then, three weeks before this Grand Finale, the theft and posting of the emails blew up the entire global warming agenda. One hacker attack, and two decades of hype and careful planning went down the Federally mandated low-flush toilet. Obama says nothing these days about global warming. This led to one of the most memorable headlines of my lifetime. Announced the New York TimesJanuary 29, 2010: “Bin Laden Rebukes U.S. on Climate Change.” Think of Al Gore. His cause gets more verbal support from Osama than Obama.

Anti-nuclear power. Business Week, January 29, 2010: “President Barack Obama, acting on a pledge to support nuclear power, will propose tripling U.S. loan guarantees for new reactors to more than $54 billion, an administration official said.”

Socialized medicine. He did not push for a specific health insurance reform bill. This left Pelosi in charge of the House, and Reid staggering around in the Senate — business as usual. He did not push hard from day one. He dithered. He did not demand the “public option.” Pelosi did. Reid didn’t. Then Teddy Kennedy died, and Scott Brown won. The two bills are on the back burner. They may stay there.

Federal aid to education. Nothing new. No rhetoric. Back burner.

Gun control. Headline, The Hill January 19, 2010: “Gun Control group gives Obama an ‘F.'”

One year into his Presidency, he has attained nothing for the far Left. His political capital is almost gone. Scott Brown has shut down the Democrats’ agenda and their bluster. This is an election year. They can see what is happening. They have one hope: jobs. That single issue will replace the others. There is nothing they can do about jobs. The economy, not Congress, provides jobs. It is out of Congress’s hands.

Bernanke, Bush’s appointee, will be re-confirmed. He is still in charge, for the FED is still in charge.

Obama threatens taxes on big banks that took TARP money. No legislation proposed yet. No specifics. Maybe not enough votes. Anyway, this is not a high-level plank in the far Left’s platform.

The Council on Foreign Relations knew their man. It always knows. It’s a choice, not an echo. It’s Punch and Judy. It’s all for public show. The basics never change.

And the beat goes on. And the beat goes on.

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