Purdue University Hosts John Pickerill

On January 30th, dozens of students gathered for another great YAL meeting. At this particular meeting, however, we had a special guest: John Pickerill. Mr. Pickerill is a veteran, former GOP Chairman, and Libertarian statehouse candidate who spent his evening with our chapter.

Mr. Pickerill explained his fascinating transition into the Liberty movement, which began as he saw the waste produced from the military industrial complex during his tour in Iraq. After his service, he read Ron Paul’s Revolution which forever lit the torch of Liberty within John. We also discussed Mr. Pickerill’s work and attempts to improve the Republican party which was met with harsh establishment road blocks.

As a lot of our members come from the right, it was very enlightening for them to hear of just how bad and corrupt the establishment really was. All in all, this event was one of our most popular to date. Students really enjoyed hearing a local activist giving tips and reflecting back on his experience. We look forward to hosting Mr. Pickerill in the future to continue our knowledge enriching discussion.

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