Purdue University War on Youth Activism

War on Youth at Purdue

Despite somewhat inclement weather, our spring activism project, War on Youth, was a success!

A front passed through West Lafayette on the days we had scheduled the event, which led to cooler and windier weather than originally anticipated. As such, set up and operation were made somewhat more difficult. After a long effort by the more technical members of the club, we had to take down the sail-like banner, but still engaged students passing by with the provided activities. The banner and debt pong set attracted a number of people interested in learning more about the national debt. 

The project energize current members, and helped us sign up some new people. With this behind us, we’ve already begun planning recruiting and social events for the fall semester. The chapter leadership would like to thank our members for an excellent year, and look forward to making next autumn better than ever for Purdue Young Americans for Liberty.

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