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On March 29, 2011, a slightly overcast and chilly day in West Lafayette, IN, the Purdue Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty brought two giant dry erase boards to campus and posted an even more giant number on the two boards.  Unfortunately for American citizens, the number was the nominal sum of our national debt. 

Setting up shop at Purdue’s Engineering Mall from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. members of our chapter stood their ground and protested our nation’s fiscal irresponsibility, collected signatures for our petition for 4th District IN House Representative Todd Rokita as well as for our attempt to host Ron Paul, signed up new recruits, grilled some hot dogs, advertised our Walter Block event, and handed out libertarian literature that has been generously donated to our chapter.  In the short amount of time we were out there we collected 43 signatures on our petition, 24 more signatures for Ron Paul, and recruited 7 students interested in joining our cause.

The very next day, a really nice article accompanied by a large picture appeared on the entirety of page 3 in the ‘Local’ section of the Lafayette Journal and Courier that was written by reporter Curt Slyder, who had brought his photographer along to cover our event that day.  As of 2008 the paper had an average daily circulation of 33,223, so this was a big win for our organization.  On top of our press coverage, we also received an email from a representative of Todd Rokita the day after the article appeared in the newspaper stating that the article had caught their attention and that they would like to speak to us about our efforts on the national debt!

In my opinion, our chapter pulled this event off as well as we could and achieved a great amount of success in achieving our goal of raising awareness about the size of our debt and the responsibility we have as citizens to pay it off.  Recently, we also got our third article of the academic year published in our student newspaper, The Purdue Exponent, which distributes 17,000 copies daily to the student body, faculty, and West Lafayette community.  I will post the links to both articles below.  Our photographer/videographer, Jarrett Hullinger also had me do a rant of sorts in our effort to make posts for our youtube channel and did a fantastic job editing this down.  I’ve also attatched a few pictures in the attach section, not sure how it will look on the blog so we shall see.

Getting Signatures

Writing Down the Debt

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