Purdue YAL Chapter Hosts Forum on Gun Carry Tonight

Alex Bridges of The Exponent reports that the Purdue Young Americans for Liberty chapter will be hosting a forum tonight on whether students should be able to carry guns on campus. 

The forum is free and open to the public tonight at 6pm.  It will be located in Beering Room 2291 of Purdue University.

“The purpose of the forum is to get people to start having conversations on … issues that affect their freedoms,” said Nathan Murphy, a junior in the School of Management and president of the Purdue chapter.

According to Murphy, the Purdue chapter has hosted one forum earlier in the semester similar to this one and roughly 30 people participated in the discussion. He hopes for an even bigger discussion tonight.

“I believe that the crowd will be fairly evenly split,” said Daniel Peffers, a junior in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a member of Young Americans for Liberty. “I personally feel that law-abiding citizens should be allowed to concealed carry on campus for purposes of self defense.”

All Young Americans for Liberty members agree that the forum should promote public discussion of a complex topic.

“The forum is to bring students together and encourage dialogue on this campus,” Rombach wrote in an e-mail. “We need to get people out of their shells and out of the apathetic mindset that appears to be more common in our generation than others.”

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