Purdue YAL Spring 2014 Recruiting

Recruitment this spring got off to a shaky start for our chapter. We were signed up to do a Spring Activities fair, and we had a lot of very enthusiastic members ready to recruit at the event.

Unfortunately the fair turned out to be a massive dud, due to poor planning on the part of the student organization that designed it. We only managed four sign ups at the Activities Fair, and that was an accomplishment given the low student turnout.

I was very proud of how our members bounced back from this though. We immediately planned to table with the new YAL recruitment kit and poster, and with only two days of planning we signed up over a dozen new members. Many more people expressed interest in the group because of the quiz, and we have a member keeping track of the data points from the quiz to keep a running stock of political leanings for Purdue University.

The Spring Activities Fair set us back, but we have momentum back on our side. We are currently working on an event with Purdue Democrats on campaign contributions, and we are beginning to plan a spring event on student loans. We’ve also had a few successful socials in addition to our regular meetings!

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