Purdue Young Americans for Liberty Fall Recruitment 2014

The close of the spring 2014 semester left the Purdue YAL chapter with only one returning officer. However, a successful Fall 2014 Recruitment Drive has bolstered our chapter’s numbers and filled the officers’ slate with new faces and fresh energy. Recruitment kicked off with a YAL presence at the annual Purdue B-Involved Activities Fair in August. With the help of Kristin Dobson from the Leadership Institute, two hours of tabling resulted in 60 new sign-ups.

Purdue YAL tabling at the 2014 B-Involved Activities Fair.  Photo credit: Kristin Dobson

Purdue YAL continued our recruitment drive through flyering/chalking sessions, tabling in the student union, and contacting old and new YAL recruits via email and text.

Chalking on campus.

The effort culminated in an effective callout with over a dozen new interested recruits, several of who were actively interested in an officer position. Our last morning of tabling the morning before the callout resulted in a chance meeting of Purdue YAL and Diego Zuluaga, a Students for Liberty member from Columbia studying abroad at Purdue for a brief two-week session.  Diego subsequently came to the callout and spoke about his experiences in the international liberty movement. 

Flyering on campus.

Thanks to an energetic Fall 2014 Recruitment Drive, Purdue YAL is now up to fully staffed up with officers and working toward an active Constitution Week!


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