Purdue Young Americans for Liberty spices up Spring Recruitment

Traditionally, Purdue Young Americans for Liberty (PUYAL) has experienced limited success with spring recruitment drives. So this time around, we decided to spice up our recruitment method with some changes. Instead of holding a callout within a few weeks of the beginning of the semester, we set the date just before the middle of the semester.

A later date provided several benefits: it permitted us to adequately advertise the callout, gave students a chance to settle into their new schedules, and set our callout apart from the chaos and competition of the early semester callouts of other campus organizations. During our flyering campaign, our president came up with an innovative method of pinning our flyers such that they were more visible to passing students.

PUYAL tries out a new technique of hanging flyers.

Lastly, we added a new recruitment tool this semester. One week out we met to cross campus, chalking a notice of our callout in the corner of chalkboards in the busiest lecture halls on campus.

PUYAL chalks campus.

Through our efforts we managed to identify new talent for the future of PUYAL, tried out new techniques, and honed our recruitment skills. Springing off our recruitment drive, PUYAL looks forward to an active and eventful rest of the semester.

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