Putting America to Work….Kinda

Usually every morning when I wake up, after getting ready, I always sit down and check my email. This morning I received a strangely titled email from our NY Chairman Trevor Leach. Trevor and I are old friends, both from around the same area in New York, known as the Southern Teir.  Since I am now down here in Virginia I haven’t kept up on my hometown’s local politics.  So every now and then he keeps me updated as to what is going on back home.  When I clicked the news link that he sent me I couldn’t help but laugh when I began to read the article.

Stimulus creates only 3.5 jobs in Tier’s 10 counties.

Federal contracts related to the president’s economic stimulus program are creating or saving few jobs so far across Upstate New York.

In the 10 counties of the Binghamton-Elmira-Ithaca region, contracts for federal projects have created the equivalent of 3.5 jobs, the Associated Press found. Three counties in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier have seen a total of eight jobs created.

According to the article, the area has received about $16 billion of the $787 billion from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. So if you do the math, according to our government bureaucrats its takes about $4.6 billion to create a job in NY. So, either these are the most lucrative jobs that some lucky person has ever landed or perhaps the government’s “stimulus” isn’t stimulating squat. Now, as the Democrats are discussing a second round of government stimulus, we need to ask if $4.6 billion per job is really worth the costs to the private sector.

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