Putting Our Activism Kit to Good Use at YAL Spring Hill!

Tuesday, February 11 marked the first day of tabling and recruiting for the new YAL chapter at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, and it was a complete success. Sitting in the cafeteria in the midst of lunch time, our table definitely stood out and caught the attention of students and faculty excited to see this new politically-oriented group on campus.


We had 53 people(both students and faculty) come up and take the political quiz to see where their true political beliefs lie, and out of all 53 people, we found that only one person landed on the right. Many students who labeled themselves as Republican came up and were shocked when they saw how much closer they landed to the left, center, and even libertarianism than they ever expected. We also noticed that there were a lot of people who landed on the borderline between Centrist and Left, and Centrist and Libertarian. 

The day ended with dots scattered across our board, a bunch of the free stuff we put out going missing, and a list of a bunch of names, emails, and cell phone numbers of hopeful new members that’ll keep this great new chapter thriving and growing! 

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