Questioning the Death Penalty at the University of Utah

On October 17th, the University of Utah hosted a panel discussion concerning the death penalty. The panelists included Marina Lowe, the Legislative and Policy Counsel at the ACLU, Jensie Anderson, Legal Director of the Rocky Mountain Innocence Project, Jean Welch Hill, Government Director of the Diocesan Peace and Justice Commission, Lindsey Layer, Federal Public Defender, Ralph Dellapiana, Director of Utahns for Alternative to the Death Penalty, Darcy Van Orden, Executive Director for the Utah Justice Coalition, and Kevin Greene from Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty. We were appreciative to have such a great group of people to come out and speak to us.

With around 50 people in attendance, the event went very smoothly. The panelists gave fantastic answers and, due to their experience in the area, were able to pull back the curtains on what happens in death penalty cases. They laid out the facts about what the death penalty costs, the issues arising from such complicated cases, and the reasons that we should be much more careful about using capital punishment. There was also a surprising amount of press coverage, most likely because of the recent push to repeal the death penalty in Utah. The Salt Lake Tribune, as well as two newspapers from other states, covered the event. We hope to be able to continue to support these and other groups as they fight to overturn the death penalty in the near future.

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