Rachel Maddow and Nullification…

Rachel Maddow is a curious brand.  She often lets her interview guests speak uninterrupted in a manner rare for television and is by far one of the most leftist talking heads around these days, but she rarely seems to be more interested in principle than partisan hackery.  In her worldview, if it’s Right, it’s wrong. Period.

Even when Democrats do something obviously not in line with standard Leftist principles, it is somehow the Right’s fault.  I direct the reader to my previous blog post where Maddow seeks to reconcile the fact that Obama did indeed start a war.  She does this by claiming that it is Republican’s fault.

Indeed, she has her own particular kind of crazy.

However, despite Maddow’s seemingly absolute partisan hackery (I like that phrase), she often falls in line with the rest of the bunch when it comes to fear mongering, lying, and giving false history.  In fact, she could often make Bill Kristol or David Horowitz blush with her rhetoric.  Take, for instance, her recent show where she tackled the topic of nullification. More here…
Also, check out Jack Hunter’s latest vid.
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