Rags or Riches at BGSU


The BGSU YAL chapter finally takes action during our first event of the year!

After spending prior weeks planning, preparing, and hanging up flyers, we set up camp in our Student Union two days in a row to educate students on the benefits of economic freedom and recruit like minded individuals.

At our table, we offered a variety of treats as rewards for participating in the game. Afterward, we explained the empirical supported benefits of living in a free society and facilitated friendly, relevant conservation relating to their political interest, interest with certain issues, or, really, anything at all! We then told students who we were, offering the educational materials that came with the game, and invited them to take a free book and sign up for more information about our chapter.

No students were able to get all the answers correct, but many students got very close and became intrigued with the many relations resulting from economic freedom. Lots of questions were asked, lots of answers were given. A good amount of students had a basic understanding of the benefits of the free market and became excited when we were able to expand and expound upon those very ideas. 

When the last event was over, all of our members who helped with the event thought it was a great success. We had honed our abilities to communicate the ideas of a free market to those not so familiar, and got a good amount of students thinking about liberty in a new light, all the while making our young chapter more visible on campus.

I personally came out of the experience with a new attitude toward the education of our up and coming generation. People are very receptive, and even excited, to learn about freedom. The biggest challenge is simply getting a clear message out there. The BGSU YAL chapter will be around for a long time, and the fire set in us by the light of liberty will not be dimming anytime soon, but will continue to grow, spread, and shine. 

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