Rags or Riches at Slippery Rock University!

Playing Rags or Riches!

Slippery Rock University Young Americans for Liberty held our Rags or Riches Free Markets 101 event this past week, right before students set out for spring break. We set up the event in the Bailey Library lobby, one of the busiest spots on campus.   With so many students having travel on their minds, the big map seemed to get a lot of attention.  

Students from all different departments wanted to play, and many engaged in discussion with YAL members after being surprised by the answer key.  As always, we offered candy treats for those who played the game, though no one got all of the countries in the correct order.  Their surprise at the United States being fourth proved to be an excellent catalyst for a conversation about economic freedom and its necessity in a free society.

Chatting about economic freedom!

In addition to a fun and educational event, the game attracted so much attention that our group got a few new sign-ups and new faces at our Wednesday meeting.   All in all, it was a successful event and a good time for all involved.

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