Rags or Riches stumps students at UPJ

On February 6th, members of YAL at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown set up a table with the game Rags or Riches to increase our chapter’s membership and involvement on campus.  

The main goals of the table were to inform potential members about our next meeting, bring awareness of the organization to the campus, and to educate passers by of the economic freedom of various countries with a fun game.  Members had a lot of fun trying the game for themselves when we first received it, and no one managed to score 100%. We believe the shocking results really stuck with those that tried it!

Also, we knew we had to excite potential members about the new club, so we decided we would have a non-monetary blackjack tournament with prizes.  At the table we handed out flyers informing people of when and where this tournament would take place.  

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