Rand Paul defends peace and the Constitution

US Senator Rand Paul has inserted an amendment to a “small-business authorization bill” (i.e. an uncontroversial measure the Senate is poised to vote on next week) regarding Libya.

Essentially, — and to the unending chagrin of Harry Reid and other “antiwar” Congressional DemocRATs — Rand is marshaling his Senatorial powers in order to force his fellow Senators to formally render a position on the legality and morality of Obama’s unilateral (i.e. bereft of Congressional approval) Libya intervention.

Incidentally, simple dignity compels me to I admit I am happy Rand is in the Senate, and exceedingly grateful to those voters and activists who — unlike me — played a role in getting him there. Irrespective of the “purity” of his libertarianism, on matters of peace, liberty,  and Constitutional fidelity, he quite clearly represents a collosal improvement over virtually every other Senator in modern memory.

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